Hi there, first of all thanks for visiting my website - I hope you enjoy my images. Please feel free to comment on any of the images that you like or don't like - I'd love to know what you think of them!

My passion for raptors started when I visited the Isle of Mull in Scotland in 1995 for a holiday. I can still remember my heart racing when I saw a White tailed eagle (basically a European fish eagle) fly in over a loch right in front of me.

Since then I have flown to Africa on a regular basis to watch and photograph birds of prey and in particular the Bearded Vulture. I would now describe what was once just a hobby as an obsession - I am in absolute heaven when I have a raptor of any sort in my camera view finder.

For the last 2 years I have been involved in a program to reintroduce the Bearded vulture back into the Alps - fortunately they are recovering well and the programme has been quite succesful.

I hope that you find these images inspiring. For me these birds are truly magnificent and I'm always deeply moved when one of them lets me in close - not only can I then see their beauty more clearly but I can also take their photo :).

Thanks again for visitng the site - I really appreciate it.